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Smart Home devices should not settle for an inferior video and audio streaming experience

Apple Facetime or WhatsApp Video are fast and reliable even with poor network connectivity. Why is that not the case with today's Smart Home devices? Turns out getting to that kind of performance in small embedded systems takes expertise and a lot of time, both of which may not always be available, especially in smaller companies. What if there was a quick and easy way to make it happen?

Here at Seajei we have created ground breaking software technology that is optimized end-to-end for reliability, speed and security. Our technology is as fast and reliable as Apple's industry-leading Facetime, and runs on small IoT devices!

Furthermore we understand in today's fast-paced environment, it is crucial to make it as simple and quick as possible to integrate new technology, in order to minimize engineering resources required, as well as minimize risk and complications during the integration process.

And so we have designed our SDK to be so easy to use you can get it up and running in your own devices in an afternoon with just a few lines of code!

about us

Who we are

We are an innovative Silicon Valley startup. We have 45+ combined years experience working and consulting at Tech and Fortune 500 companies.

We poured our expertise and passion into creating the Seajei technology, so that one day soon every Smart Home device in the world will connect instantly, and stream reliable video and audio with no lag, no matter the network conditions!

Christophe Juncker

Principal Software Architect

Christophe is a Principal Software Architect with extensive experience in Cloud Computing and iOS development. Before developing Seajei's groundbreaking video & audio streaming technology, he developed an iOS app that went on to reach #2 of all Craigslist apps on the App Store.
Prior to Seajei, he was a 12 year veteran at Logitech as a Principal Software Engineer, and his work found its way into 100+ million video games and computers. Christophe earned a Master's degree in Computer Science And Communication Systems from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL).

Joe Elliott

Solutions Architect & Business Development

Joe is a Silicon Valley veteran of 25+ years. He worked on projects pioneering mainstream technologies now used by Google, Netflix, VMware, Comcast, and Nvidia.
He was founder and CEO of Inetd.Com, developer of an award winning network security product that was acquired by industry leader Raytheon Inc through VC Kleiner Perkins.
He provided consulting services and key technology to many Fortune 500 corporations, government agencies and universities including NASA, Stanford University, Applied Materials, Fidelity Investments, DoD, Boeing, Hughes, AT&T, BLM, Lockheed Martin, Industrial Light and Magic, SanDisk.

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