Patent pending Connectivity algorithm
The Seajei connectivity algorithm is the secret sauce to enable sub-second connection establishment.
The algorithm will establish a peer-to-peer (P2P) connection if possible, either via local network connection, or the public internet using NAT traversal technology.
When P2P is impossible because for example both devices use IPv4 and are behind symmetric network address translators (NATs), the connection will be established via standard TURN relay server.
optimized streaming speed
When establishing a P2P connection via local Wifi or public internet, the number of hops between app and Smart Home device will be minimized.
If a relay server is necessary, the server from the closest data center with the least latency is used.
Adjustable bitrate
Seajei's proprietary variable bitrate algorithm enables the video bitrate to adjust in a split second to adapt to degrading networking conditions so the video and audio keep streaming smoothly and uninterrupted.
Fast resend
Seajei's proprietary fast resend algorithm makes sure every video and audio packet reaches its destination without extra lag, and can keep the video and audio streaming in poor networking conditions with up to 60% packet losses.
Full IPv6 support
Our SaaS takes full advantage of devices and apps supporting IPv6 in order to maximize P2P connectivity and future proofing, and supports IPv4-to-IPv6 and IPv6-to-IPv4.
Optimized video and audio players
The Seajei SDK includes video and audio players, which are a crucial piece in minimizing end-to-end delay, especially in less than perfect networking conditions. The players have built-in technology to guarantee that lag does not grow over the course of a session.
4K ready
The network communication layer and the video player are fully 4K compatible.
Wifi-only (no internet) Support
The connection can be established for devices that do not have access to the internet but are connected to the same Wifi.
Cloud enabled for high availability and scalability
The latest AWS cloud services are used in order to automatically take advantage of the built-in high availability and scalability.
TURN relay servers are set up behind load balancers and auto scaling groups to scale up and down as necessary, and located in data centers around the world to minimize lag.
Push notifications support
Push notifications support is included in the SDK.
End-to-end secure encryption
End-to-end data encryption with per-session randomly generated 128-bit secret key, securely exchanged via TLS 1.2.

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