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Video and audio streaming pricing


per device per minute

We offer discounts as your business scales. Talk to us about custom pricing to match your needs.


If you prefer full control, you can license the Seajei technology:

  • Access to full source code
  • Option to run and manage cloud components in your own cloud
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Technical consulting

We have 15+ years of experience in technical consulting to help companies make night-and-day improvements to their video and audio streaming pipeline, from firmware to cloud to app.

Some of the real-world incremental improvements we achieved for our customers:

  • reduced video and audio lag from 4 seconds to 0.3 seconds
  • eliminated video streaming quality issues
  • increased scalability 100x
  • increased NPS score by 14 points
  • enabled video and audio to stream in low bandwidth networking environment
  • 90% reduction in cloud operating cost

We analyze your current architecture, and give you detailed options to make quick improvements based on priorities and time constraints, with an eye towards minimal change to your existing architecture.

We can do the entirety of the work in parallel with your team in order not to add to their busy schedules, or we can closely work with your team so they can take advantage of our experience and learn along the way.

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